An Ideas and Design Competition for Northeast Florida

The winners are in! 
The R3 Challenge Team attended the Party for the Planet at the Jacksonville Zoo on April 16, 2016. Young, creative thinkers and artists contributed ideas and artwork and chose to join a team based on their interests in regional resiliency.

The Zoo Teams each won their category! Here are their images. NEFRC staff added some text based on what they told us as they were drawing. Then, we created a survey so Northeast Floridians could vote for their favorite. The People’s Choice was the Ecological and Waterbody Networks Team.  Congratulations to all of the winners! Review the ideas and images below. 

Coastal Communities Team

Urban Environments Team

Ecological and Waterbody Networks team

The Challenge also included a category for the Unidentified and the Unexpected. We cannot identify the artists but their images are here.