Building Resiliently In Northeast Florida 
Considering resilience when building or renovating can:
Keep your family safer
Save money
Limit damage during a disaster
Get you back to normal sooner after a disaster

A P2R2 Working Group has been gathering information to make it easy to choose resilience when you are thinking about building improvements in Northeast Florida.  They suggest that you ask yourself some questions now, before you invest in your home or business and before a disaster happens.  They found lots of resources available to help you answer questions, and links are provided. 

Being prepared for an emergency:
Each county in Northeast Florida has an emergency plan and a way that you can be notified of impending danger, especially if you have special needs. Be proactive. Sign up for these services, stay informed and encourage others to sign up. Links to Services

I want to know more about:

What did we learn?
  • There is no single place to look for contractors who provide these services.  Know a contractor you like or recommended by someone you trust? Ask them.
  • We did not find contractors who provided a “resiliency check” service.  We imagine these will be available at some point. 
  • We asked about cost ranges, but were told the best way to estimate what resiliency work will cost is to get quotes. 
  • The amount of work proposed, if it exceeds certain thresholds, may require that you bring an existing structure into compliance with the current building code.   This may include work not related to resilience.  Be sure to take this into account before you spend money!

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